Wednesday, May 7, 2008

FriendShipDay in Iwakuni

I went in held friendship D every year in a US base of Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi.
By moped!
Of course it is U.S.A. in the bases.
The sold eating thing is different from a turkey or big meat or the normal festival and is interesting.
I think that there were not such many people when I went 5-6 years ago. However, it was many people.
I gave a demonstration of the fighter, and the United States Armed Forces flew. It was great speed and sound. I thought a weapon to be cool.
We would acquire it to HI ACE and came back comfortably.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nakadai's Chaly


This motorcycle is called Honda Chaly. I raised it from Nakadai which was my friend who lived in Kyoto. This remodels it with brakes as a disk type.
I maintained it with washing to be able to get first of all.
An engine starts this by one kick. Besides, it is quite powerful.
I exchange the fuel hose which has stiffened afterward and can use it by commuting if I maintain it a little.

Brutality!Electric chassis like the devil

Mr.Shishido attached an electric kickboard to the chassis and made an electric chassis. This is fast all right!
I go somewhere without permission if I let you drive recklessly with turning on its switch. Going straight stability has good it in fanny! unexpectedness. It is slightly ferocious!
He seemed to get fatigue of the work in consecutive holidays. He has begun to show inborn stupidity. He should put that he can do it under the observation of somebody.

Assembling to engine bottom end was completed

In our KAWASAKI KSR, assembling to engine bottom end was completed.
I changed something like Menko*1 (parts No 13280-1228) of the shift drum for an advanced age-style type.
The trouble to be out of "the Shift nail" should in this way disappear.
* 1 Round card for a Japanese kid to play

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Lost the most of the spare parts

We exhausted the most of the spare parts by the consecutive falls in the race.
Therefore the person himself who fell down made them again.

I charged the battery of the beetle in an occasion of the work. It is after a long absence. In VW Bug, battery is installed in the inside of car for some reason.

The contents of our KSR

This is our KSR which came back alive from Auto Polis.

Because condition became bad, the fourth gear of this transmission disintegrated and investigated a cause. The result was damage of the lock roller of the shift drum. If there is not this, it cannot keep the position of the shift drum.
I take it out of the engine of the spare and attach it.

I sharpen the crankshaft in this way.