Monday, August 31, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72_The difference of rear brake wire , early and late.

CL72 is an old bike. Chain is the reverse side, even though Japanese bike.

CL72 is an old bike. Chain is the reverse side, even though Japanese bike.
Usually rear brake drum bike there is a brake panel on the right-hand side. So, it will be equipped with a brake rod.
This photo (SR500)

But, CL72 is the brake wire.

This is 50 years old wire.

I began to exchange work. But, the lock pin groove there was no, it provided the original is.

I was working with a drill.
When I buy this, I was written this way. "If you are assembling this wire in early type requires modify."
Will that of this modify?

This vehicle early type when it's so. I Judging from the vehicle identification number, which was I thought late type. This, fixed a lock pin ↓

I clean the hole of the brake shaft. Through the inside of the frame pipe runs through the shaft.

Spline of the brake shaft had collapsed slightly.
Correct with triangular file
And applyed a grease abundantly

I think it would incidentally to the tension adjustment of the chain. But it was fixed in the tap and die because the screws had been locked. Then I did a tension adjustment.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Technology that ammonia in the fuel to run the engine, I tried to international patent application.

I came up with a technique for operating the engine, use the ammonia as fuel. I tried it filed an international patent.
This ↓

pct patent site here

When you are enrolled in a company where there is intellectual property department, you only pass the documents to the intellectual property department.
However, it will be to ask the attorney office when it comes to do it yourself.

The need of such costs.
Japan and the PCT application --- about 1 million yen,
Request for examination, one country --- about ¥ 600,000 (about 5 million yen When do all the major countries)
(These costs may differ by Attorney Office)
I am in front of the current request for examination, it is the stage of application.


This my invention, in order to patent in many countries requires five million yen.
Severe in the financial power of my company's current situation.
But it is not profitable immediately with this technology.
Even after the patented, maintenance costs will be charged annually.

When I was a company employee that there is intellectual property department, there was such a tendency. "Please do anything applications are from does not matter in the pale in invention"

If you take a patent in the entrepreneurial company recently. It is a not afford to take patent except to become business of core technology.

So, patent operation of a small company, I think that may be this way.
Pale in invention ...
Japanese patent application on your own

Invention that becomes the business of the core
The request to Attorney office

Company business of the core is a new technology, the cost is lowered If you make the intellectual property department.
It is reasonably when the scale of the company is increased.

If there is no volume in the patent business, intellectual property department resulting in idle, trade-off there is that.

Kasai City, where I live we began to depopulation. I think, and me the intellectual property business city is assistance, venture companies gather in Kasai City. And, the city rejuvenated.

Currently, we only plant even if the company attract. Development centers of companies does not come together. So there is no employment destination of white-collar.

This patent that I filed, I can sell If someone is willing to purchase. But do hurry because the request for examination of the deadline is coming.

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The images are of when we made the hydrogen engine boat. We do not have much to do with the text.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72_Screw of 1964 previous M5 old JIS, different thing

There are no screws to this bike, it is the screws that fix the light switch and turn signal switch. It had lost three out of four.
I went to buy them with a single that, to Benizen
Size is M5.

When the show I screw the "same thing I want with this", that of the "Hmm? It's JIS screws.".
When JIS standard has been revised in 1964, it is so thread pitch has changed.
Benizen that it can be determined just by looking at it is amazing.

Of the old standard screw "JIS screw"
Screw the current standard "ISO screw"
They are so called so.
JIS is the sum of the standard to the ISO at that time, so it would became call them that.
In modern JIS and ISO are the same.

By the way old and new comparison of frequently used size below.
M5 old 0.9 current 0.8
M4 old 0.75 current 0.7
M3 old 0.6 current 0.5

Above the M6 is it's generally the same.

I did not know! ! really!!!

The length of just did not stock. Even expected of Benizen.
It was only a little long screws. That it should be cut.

I had bought the screw on the generator cover, in order to exchange. It is I have found that it can not.
It was good at did not have to crush the threads.

The owners have lost the key. I should make.

Remove the key cylinder and will have to the locksmith's.
I do not know what contacts are living in, however, it can do nothing but try anyway.

That you remove the key cylinder's easy. You can be decomposed up to this, only a Phillips screwdriver.
I wonder does not matter about crime prevention?

This is the back of the screw of the key. This is also JIS screw, yet minus head.
You can not such a thing.  "Let's exchange because dirty"
End of stuff Once lost.

I ask the locksmith's.
He came riding in the car of the tool packed.
When I pass the key cylinder, he made a key in a few tens of minutes, under the scorching sun.

Contact in this was alive. Electrical equipment, all it works.
That was alive electrical equipment.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72_The rustling of the intake system OH_ Pt 3

Anyway, this bike parts was expensive difficult to obtain.

Air cleaner
Air cleaner side insulator
Overhauled carburetor
Self-made engine side insulator
Fuel hose
Throttle wire

I was OH completed by assembling them in the two-cylinder.
Old mechanic should was easy. This is because, genuine parts were obtained.
However, I had a hard time, in modern.
The completed by using a lot of time and money.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72_Insulator, production of Part No.16211-268-000

This is the insulator that cracked.
Part number 16211-268-000
This is discontinued.

I will billet this.

Usually, through hole M6 screws's φ6.6 or φ6.5. However, I was in φ6.0 in this case.
Then it becomes positioned.
Not accurate enough to knock pin to this. However, it is a design technique that can be used when you want a decent positioning.
Most of the screw a little narrow. Threaded portion that it is M6 has become about φ5.9.
If when you order this to the Ironworks is better that had put the tolerance of about ± 0.03mm at the 48.
Because, this is positioning.
I don't write. I cut myself use the NC.

 O-ring groove ok.
Screw pitch ok.
Incidentally genuine part numbers of the individual O-ring 91302-PF0-003, it is possible to obtain this.

2 Step th machining is fixed on the jig.
But ... Bakelite cut powder is like a yellow cake.


I sent this to Yahoo! Auctions. In order to dilute the design costs and NC program costs.
Is this going to sell how much?
Maybe one in half a year? One in two years?

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not the request of one-off production to our company.
Maybe, it's the cause of our poverty.
It is more of the latest model parts is a long business. If we used the same effort.

Easy maintenance CL72_The rustling of the intake system OH_ Pt 2

I have to clean the carburetor. Then I assemble the key star fuel adjustment kit. Part number FH-0015N.

tems in this kit are substantial.
Holes for the jet needle is included in the kit.

I was able to OH the cab. Without difficulty.
Insulator is not even looking for.

There is no way. I think I try to billet it. I bought a cloth bakelite.

It is heavy to get to bear the drafting costs to the owner of this bike. So I decided to dilute the drafting cost. It sells in the Yahoo auction.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72_The rustling of the intake system OH_ Pt 1

Air cleaner
Air cleaner side insulator
Replacement is required

Air cleaner and the air cleaner side insulator.
The two were obtained by searching Yahoo! Auctions.
It was expensive. really.

Original insulator is flexibility zero.

Carburetor has piston stick by gasoline altered material.

It is required OH.
This I will OH in fuel adjustment kit of Key Star.
Part number FH-0015N, you need to buy two because it is one cylinder's are in the set.

This kit includes the idling screw or a float valve. It has been enhanced.

When I opened the float chamber, Well decent extent of, mortal wound does not seem to bear.

This carburetor is overnight pickles to kerosene.

The kerosene surface have reflected a ghost. (Is me)
It is a full of very anguish look.

In addition one of the engine side of the insulator, has cracked.It is on the left.
This genuine part number 16211-268-000 course Discontinued.

This is not sold even looking for.

Here of the O-ring is genuine parts were obtained.
Part number 91302-PF0-003
O-ring would do such because are used in other models.

Easy maintenance CL72_OH of the chain cover

I chose the caulking chain.

I wanted to close the chain cover. ↓ However, it is dirty. . . .

I was washed crowded immerse it in kerosene.

However, there are still sand in the portion of the clutch and the kick.

So I was washed decomposition.

I was assembled with grease up.

Only rubber kick pedal genuine parts were obtained.