Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cover design of iphone5

This is information that I heard from Mr. Shishido,
iphone case, there are many third-party. The reason for this, exposes a drawing.
Drawing is readily available if you search on the net.

Tattuan and I ,If two men designs one commodity. There is a possibility that disagree with each other.
We decided to compete by designing the two types separately.
We think, competition is interesting.

I bought the protein tab again.

I bought the protein again.
It is the same as the last time, it is a tablet.

My training is this. Do exercise such that become the muscle pain.
2-3 Days after ,muscle soreness is restored.
Do exercise such that become the muscle pain again.
My training like that. It is once in a week.
My muscles were like rubber bands. Has now become a rubber band around the two, however.

Tattuan is eating pistachios today.

He has changed the seed to the protein.

"It's protein!"
He was hit in the first one.
He was eating normally, and without a murmur.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Motora Muffler Completed

He completed the Motora muffler in the middle of the night. Completed. After completion, we have to Himeji Trial Run. It is very quiet and also improve low-speed torque. All of it is good. Except that it is heavy. Attached to cut the heat guard for the Honda Dax to avoid burns where exposed to foot.

Feeling good radial caliper.
The improved driving performance of Motora.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Honda Motora exaust

Tattsuan is working steadily on a holiday. .

While he make the muffler, he was placed the silencer in our factory, . Akrapovic sticker has been affixed to Atsubomb.

I got burnt by helped.

MV Agusta F4's cowl stay repair by welding

It is so expensive that The MV Agusta F4 genuine cowl stay. Because it made by cast aluminum.
First. Remove the paint by sandblasting.

Window of our blast cabinet is not clear by scratches.
So, we use The Mind's Eye.
TIG welding

Repair completion.
After this, I also do painting.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Making of dry sump tank for TZM250F

Atsubomb skillfully made ​​of sheet metal bending.

WR250F engine is dry sump.
Does not contain oil in the engine.
I put the engine oil so here.

In WR250F bike frame is the oil tank.
Sucked by the pump of the sender from here, around the inside of the engine, the engine oil is drawn into the tank again in the return side of the pump. There is only a little oil in the engine so.
Oil pump is equipped with two.
Of course, larger capacity pump return side together so suck air.

Come to think of it is in my memory
Harley is a dry sump system, SR400, even Porsche.
I feel like it was dry sump "Fujiwara tofu shop 86" in "Initial D" manga is ...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

For KAWASAKI KSR110 High Rev Crank Shaft

We made For KSR110 High Spin Crank Shaft.

We grind the connecting rod.

Cut the crank weight . it is optimal cut weight.
Also shape the knife edge to it.

It is before

It is after
We assemble and while the centering. With hydraulic press.
We TIG welding the crank web and then crank pin.

It is complete.
Muscle crankshaft was appeared.

This was over 13000rpm by the combined use of Takegawa super head .
Amazon & Yahoo auction on sele.
We have an overhaul of the crank shaft occasionally.
Target models is various.
If we think you'll want to order, please e-mail to