Monday, July 27, 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 19, 2015, and went to watch the capital Sportsland Jr's Club Cup

July 19, 2015, and went to watch the capital Sportsland Jr's Club Cup. There is not too far from my house.

There is no time to rest on the straight because mini-bike course is small.
So hot!
Summer of Japan's 100 percent humidity.

I resumed the bike that had been used earlier Shishido. It was surprising.

This bike was violently crash as this. However, it is resurrected bike like this.

Hmm ...
When I watch the race, I will want to participate. Raring to.
Motra that is currently working stop, I want to quickly work resumed. I want to ride here.

I recently, had been correct the Bandit 250.
So it has been referred to as a "Bandit uncle".
It is inevitable that it be given a "second generation Bandit uncle" name.

By the way, the "the primary bandit uncle" is that of always staying the the uncle to the winding road.
The the uncle had been riding. The bandit 250.
This topic is not able to understand, only the fellow.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Workbench top plate use limit. Repair.

This is a workbench that our company is using.

It was created in this way.
When I was in a light bulb manufacturer. I've got the equipment of the gantry of the plan that they throw away.
I was bolting OSB board that is picked up on it.

This is at the bottom is equipped with casters and jack pad. It combines both the portability and load-bearing.

However, it contains a lot of oil. Flaky. Use limit.
After contact to this, hands dirty.

I decided to repair.
I've bought a laminated pine wood of thickness 18mm at the hardware store.

I drank incidentally Peach in Peach Frappuccino.

I bolting it.

When bolting the timber, it may not be the spot facing. If you ask sink into you will same surface. In this way. ↓ second half shooting failure videos.

Vise of the handle has been interference.
I was a little cut the top plate.

Spending was about 5,000 yen.

I should be working on this. In new feeling.

Make a Bimota SB6 Replica from Suzuki GAG.How to GAG engine to 50mm long stroke and self-starter part 2.

GAG for 50mm stroke crank of Takekawa is discontinued. The parts also discontinued often. So either you are not crowded I think it is impossible to OH it?

Do you know that you can OH if diverted parts for the Monkey?

Connecting rod, connecting rod bearing --- Takekawa for Monkey
Crank pin is 1mm shorter length than for the Monkey.

This crank pin you can diversion. By 1mm shorter processing.
Takekawa of part number
Connecting rod ---- 00-01-0051 ---- price 4,500 yen
Connecting rod bearing ---- ---- 00-01-0010 fixed price 980 yen
Crank pin ---- ---- 00-01-0026 fixed price 980 yen

I do not the OH.
However, even make a self-starter crank, there is a need to use these. I have ordered them.

I want to like this constitute a self-starter crank.
Flywheel side --- birdie
Clutch side --- GAG
Crank pin and the connecting rod --- Takekawa

I decided to proceed with a little bit of work.
I was decomposition GAG, a birdie of normal crank.

It's to decompose in a hydraulic press, but press-fit is strong!.
Flywheel side of this has become thick unlike Honda Porter. Less space.

I did what was observing the crank pin, both ends are satin finish.
Pin of this specification, a strong press-fit.
This pin is the centering is difficult to do so strong. However, the intensity I think high, as the crank shaft.
Crank pin of Kawasaki KSR110 also have this type, depending on the product year. This is difficult centering.

Oil that has been attached to this it was dirty. However, damage of parts is small.

----- Comparison result -----
Connecting rod --- birdie and GAG, exactly the same.
Crank weight ---- different! Fundamentally different!

Birdie ↓


Birdie --- symmetrical
GAG ---- asymmetrical
This may weigh different, the fact that the shape of the weight different.

I think.
Asymmetric crank weight is, why it is asymmetric, I think that's because have adopted the offset cylinder.
The offset amount of the offset cylinder's usually 5 ~ 10mm.
It is when the piston is in top dead center, the crank will be in a position advanced from the top dead center about 5 °.
Weights are attached in order to be balancing the piston around and weight. So, when the piston is just above it shall be come beneath the weight.
So weight comes with the advanced position of about 5 °.

Offset cylinder has the advantage.
Reduction of the piston hitting sound.
During the expansion process, it can take a connecting rod is straight.
So it seems has been adopted in many models.
It is it standard that is offset rather than.

Web site of the Honda is commentary. here

...... I would do such mean?
Perhaps crankcase, should common.
It would cylinder offset the difference?
After I try to measure the GAG case, no it must be designed the weight of the crank weight.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Make a Bimota SB6 Replica from Suzuki GAG.How to GAG engine to 50mm long stroke and self-starter.

Birdie genuine crank with a self-starter
(The name of the export specification FB)
GAG genuine crank with a kick-starter

And this is Takekawa stroke up crank

Bimota to SB6 replica GAG is scheduled to be equipped with a special engine.
Specification is this.
50mm long stroke
With self-starter
Takekawa 6-speed cross mission
Takekawa Super Head
Keihin FCR carburetor

First, I make a crank shaft. In order to achieve these, self-starter, long stroke,

---- Measurement result ----
Genuine stroke --- GAG, Birdie, 41.8mm
Piston pin diameter --- GAG, Birdie, φ12   Takekawa φ13
Crank pin diameter---GAG, Birdie φ22   Takekawa φ23.1
In that there is a self-starter (birdie) and embed (GAG), the flywheel side of the different dimensions.
In a centrifugal clutch (birdie) and the usual clutch (GAG) the dimensions of the clutch side is different.

I found them.

I Results of the study, the crankshaft is in such configuration.
Flywheel side, birdie
Clutch side, GAG
Crank pin connecting rod, Takekawa

I pack in welding the crank pin hole. And I will be boring it in a boring head.
Certainly I should have had the tip of the boring head for φ23.1.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

At 2 Days TS Takata circuit of 11 to 12 July 2015

I was in Hiroshima Prefecture TS Takata circuit, this week end.

Whirlpools Racing Fukuyama organizers
July 11 SUPER MOTA-KART second leg
July 12 Super Moto area West Round 3
We came to participate for two days.

Day 1 was surprised at the speed of the first to see the mission cart.

Shishido-san, who participated in the race riding WR250X.

I was traveling the circuit for the first time in a long time. In experience traveling.

Also the second day Mr. Shishido ran the race.
His folding chair is broken.

 Fixed point takes leave videos
Around the home end of the straight.

The last corner before chicane

Shishido-san won.
It was in good to that participated in the race the day before.
Participating everyone, Thank you for the hot running!

Shishido-san was happy and got the prize.
It was sunglasses.

There was also a folding chair in the prize. It was lucky.
He was sitting in the trial while eating a watermelon. Delighted.

I borrowed the sunglasses.

Takata circuit was a little large compared to typical cart courses.
It has a high speed range. So interesting.

We wanted to come again.
I want to run riding to SR500. (It is I want to from finished my work that has accumulated.)

Two days, I had much to the shooting.
I video took a lot, Then it became more than 16GB.
I have found that editing is hard work. I do not have to think how to take.

Participation has been everybody, thank you!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Engine of bandit 250. Adjust the valve timing

After the assembly of the valve is complete, I will adjust the valve timing.
The timing of the crank side, you can see by removing the right side cover of the engine.

Align it to the place of the mark of the top dead center.

Camshaft side, align the head top surface and the cam shaft line.

And I bolted the cam holder.
When tightening the bolt while loosening the cam chain tensioner, cam chain deviates from the cam gear.
And put the cam chain tensioner where tightening a little.
Since I did not know it, also I spent wasting time here.
When I finished assembling the cam holder, but for some reason the timing is shifted!

I had a hard time about this, but I was completed.
Indeed straight four, it turns to well above. It's a good sound.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Make a Bimota SB6 Replica from Suzuki GAG.Remodeled to double disc brake, Lower clamp

Since the fork was ready, the next it is under bracket.
It uses a commercially available product.

This is a commercial product, but it has not been released yet.
↑ This is a prototype that was used in the test.
I used aluminum in the material. Moving to lighter when compared to genuine. This development has been a long period of time suspended.

However, initial inventory is being completed.
Mass production of light stay and handle stopper is not complete.

Light stay is attached to individual oval hole.

When the interrupt came to work, the new development will stop.

Under clamp body and

aluminum stem shaft some stock has been completed.

Stem shaft is still need a little work. Through-hole in the center, oval hole for handle lock.

↑Like this

To be to complete the mass production.
To work of GAG also advance, new product lineup to increase,  killing two birds with one stone.

At the same, our products can be purchased in the web shop.
KSR parts, navigation and smartphone fittings. We have many lineup.
Master of Motorcycle Accessories
Zero custom
Bike bros

BtoB of trading also. It's Proto and Custom Japan.

The new product of the current fiscal year of highlights,

Bike fan who don't have bike
Extreme Manufacturing of fan

We are planning the Muscles ballpoint pen of aluminum billet.
If Once this is completed.
You can even stay in the office, I think that comes to be felt the atmosphere of the craftsman.