Wednesday, December 24, 2014

TZM+YBR, installation bore up kit and back step kit

It is back step kit made in TTS to attach.
It is back step, but a position is the same as most stock.
Why will I attach back step kit?
An engine gains shift pedals directly now, and it is because it is "a reverse shift".
It is necessary to attach a link rod to make an original shift.

I summoned Atsubon.It is him to do this work.

There is the work that bore improves an engine. The engine of this TZM is changed. Originally engines of 2 cycles 50cc. An engine of YBR125 is installed this.

Make a Bimota SB6 Replica from Suzuki GAG. Top clamp making part1

I received a request of the custom.

Make mini SB6 in SUZUKI GAG.

SB6 is a Bimota's bike. This ↓


There is a lot of work for this.
Assembling of the engine
Completion of the front suspension
Welding of the frame..............

At first I make a top clamp.
I begin to sharpen a top clamp for GAG.
Because I attach a fork for Kawasaki KSR to the GAG, though,
I begin to sharpen a top clamp for KSR.
This is the image which I picked up from a net. The top bridge of genuine SB6 is such a feeling.

With the hole where a key cylinder is in therefore there are the dimensions of the key cylinder.
I intended to obtain the set of the key.
I ordered a key set (tank cap, helmet holder, all sets) for the GAG, but was a missing part.

Though I ordered other SUZUKI bike, it was a missing part too.

Though I ordered Yamaha TZM key set, this is out of stock, too.

It was available when I ordered Yamaha TZR key set. There was a little stock remainder.
That means, necessary to use the tank of Yamaha when I make a tank.

I measure the dimensions of this and design it.
When I sharpen this, it does not cost the jig charges if I use jig of the KSR top clamp.

I checked bimota at this opportunity.
The history of this company is interesting.
Our company wants to follow such a career, too.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Make SR400 17 inches. The second

I was able to take 17 inches well the other day. It was the first unit. Therefore I make the SR of 17 inches of other.
The width of the tire is F3 .00, R4.00.
I make a tubeless rim this time.

It is the second to do this work. Nevertheless I am excited.

Monday, December 15, 2014

How to make rear carrier for TZM _1

This TZM sold.
However, additional work was asked for with it.
Production of the rear carrier
Bore up &250 registration

The carrier makes hole through the aluminum with a sheet metal laser and makes it.
With such a machine. ↓ we do not have such a big machine. It places an order outside.

I described a drawing. I printed it out in 1/1 and clipped it out with scissors. I did this work to examine a shape.

Several formed this and chose the good shape.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ultra-high-speed rotation. Customary among us.

A few days ago. I have replaced the crankshaft bearings for powered paraglider.
Bearing that was removed is made ​​to do the ultra-high-speed rotation prior to disposal.

It has become customary among us.

This runaway was stopped on the vegetable garden.

At that time, I felt the gyroscopic effect in the hand.

If I did it using the larger bearing, what happens?

For example, differential side bearing of the car, bearing of the turbine of the hydroelectric power plant.
Will it go willingly while destroying the house?

I think if that was the case, that it can use in one episode of Sakigake !! Otokojuku.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Piece of junk.Front brake overhaul. Suzuki bandit 250

I was overhaul the rear brake about this motorcycle some week ago.It was quite damaged.I wanted to do also the front early.
We started working in the middle of the night.

I was fitted with a mesh hose to the front brake. In the same way as the rear.

Caliper inside had become dirty .  Powder had come out , it seems like vibhuti.

Cleans them up, I was assembling.
I polished the piston , used sandpaper No. 2000.

One side of the seal ring using a second-hand.I had forgotten the order of one.

 Master cylinder cup exchange.
Squeaky brake lever grease up .

We got a brake with excellent controllability.

Mesh hose is Great.

Genuine caliper of this bike is a one-sided 2 podCompared to the 4-pod opposing it, I feel like too soft.
Bandit is sufficient in this brake.