Monday, April 28, 2008

Finals race of the Minimax

We have taken only a trifling photograph. ... which does not photograph an important running figure
Because we fell down in a preliminary, we were starts from the tail. Nevertheless a machine did not have the trouble and repeated surroundings smoothly and received a checker with the 23rd place.
The rider is me, Tetsuya, Shishido. Three people.
A lap time. Me 2'58, Shishido 2'50, Tetsuya 2'45.
I am slow, and let's try shin ... hard soon.

 "unco=poo AHO=jackass"
A miracle established it at the time of victory lap after the race end.
A thing of the engine side of the shift that a crack began at a fall was broken at the time of victory lap just after the race end. We were very lucky to hold until the race last.

The way back is endurance race for eight hours

We withdrew since a race was over.
Mr.sisido and Atsubomb were plans of the next day's work. A swift attack returned while saying, "it was dangerous, we were dangerous".
We arrive at Kasai safely for eight hours. The next of "the four hours durability" "was the eight hours durability".
Shishido called his mother on the way. It is to ask for return of the rental DVD. He pointed out the operation method of the DVD deck very finely. Mother cannot understand it well. He might pay an arrearage.
Completion caused this race and was a pleasant race.

a commendation ceremony of MINIMAX

After a checker flag appeared, it becomes the vehicle safekeeping until order is settled. There are calculations such as the subtraction when there are penalties.

A team famous in a commendation ceremony in a row.
The whereabouts of the game of famous teams became one of the pleasure recently.
I fight with the machine which they lavished great care on.
We run in a field same as them, too. It is good. It is a phenomenon peculiar to minibike endurance race.



The input language is judged automatically. We packed a car with baggage tightly and left. And we stepped on "Sanyo Expressway".
The blanket used on the motorcycle is very dirty with the thing which became the home of the mouse before. Therefore hand and it were careful when they had it so that a point came in contact.
We should have left in 4/25 on the night of Friday. However, in fact, I was in the house until the next day because annual tardy & having heard nothing from came approximately one (Shishido) since "see you" I wrote it and was crowded.
Because work seems to be very busy for these past around two years, as for him, there may be no help for it.
We left on the morning of 26th and ran in Sanyo Expressway earnestly. The odometer of the High Ace reached 170,000 kilos on the way. We arrive in - around nine hours for eight hours. The High Ace did his best.
It was fine and was a sightseeing feeling.
When the stock class was about to be over when we arrived, I worshiped the human being as it without most in a thing and was not the mood. However, overnight into the following day, it became the festival mood at the time of OPEN class. * Open class, remodeling are approximately unlimited. The class where we participated in
Because a race of the F3 was held at the same time; all the more.
* The F3 is a car such as the Indy car. An engine sound is scathing and is fast!
In AutoPolis, a site is very large. Space may be usable freely.

Absorption in trouble


A tappet sound of the engine grew big during an exercise run. There is not an adjustment bolt when I open a cover of the tappet of the intake side!I might not be going to agree before in Cub. I fell in the exhaust side then. I thought. "Probably here is it"; when could open the exhaust side, ... was.
However, a nut transformed it and went to a booth of "Kitaco" in a hurry because I became unusable again. This is because it buys the part. I bought titanium nut and ajust screw of the "Ape" business and attached it. Revival. It was lightweighted a little.
Because I can turn it by a slotted driver, in ajust screw of Kitaco, adjustment is easy.
Because short stroke crank for KSR was released recently from Kitaco, I want to try it by all means. I did not slightly from XR like that it was a long stroke
It is determined.

Because we revived from engine trouble, we participated in the preliminary.
The next trouble waited there. My younger brother fell down twice at 1 corner and 2 corners and it was and came back to the both left right side rag rag.
To fall with one lap twice!
The cause is a new tire. It seemed to be slippy. We should use the new tire after doing changing screens properly.
The injury points are as follows.
1. Brakes master damage
2. Cowl stay damage
3. Handlebar curve
4. Cowl screen damage
5. Left step bar damage
6. Right and left step bar fixed bolt curve
7. Muffler silencer dent
8. The end of the left handlebar is bare
9. Shift pedal damage
10. Thing curve to include running out of spline of the engine side of the shift pedal
Because I restored it with all of four us hastily, I was in time for the finals!
It is the moment when "Atsubomb power" was shown. It approximately all used up a spare part.
A device without air of the brakes which I made before was useful. It draws out fluid by "the principle such as the squirt gun of the lower cup".
I was only anxious whether I held till the last because a crack entered the part that there was running out of spline of the engine side of No. 10 shift pedal.

Friday, April 25, 2008

We leave today

We leave today to participate in "MINIMAX" held in "Oita Auto Polis".
When result of the labor of our several months is tried.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Demand of Atsubomb's mother

Atsubomb changed a mobile phone at last today. It is SOFTBANK from MOVA. As for three years, he spent it.

I am using my telephone for a long time. When Atsubomb changed it, I thought it to be "me too". I intend to change it if SUZUKA MINIMOTO is over. I think that this was so to choose it without thinking quickly and too much.
Atsubomb did processing asked for if I did not put it with carburetor setting of favorite bike Benly of Atsubomb equipped with a Chinese engine.

Atsubomb did carburetor setting, that of of him equipped with a Chinese engine favorite bike Benly and processing asked his mother for.
His mother said. "I want  a stand for vase and doll . you will have to cut this tree flat"
We do not so have that we processed a tree in a milling machine.
We milled by fullbacks (point of a sword exchange-type knife in the photograph). The surface was coarse, but was able to process it. Will the demand of Atsubomb's mother be satisfied?

Spare Pedal

I achieved that I made a spare pedal for my KSR. It is a brake pedal and a shift pedal. Its bearing adhered in "Loctite for fit use". The knob of the tip welds it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cowl fiting

Naochi and Atubomb came to my garage.
It is continuation yesterday and today for two days.
Naochi stimulates work to install an engine of the Sonic Of Thai Honda in NSR50.
He cut the part which the FRP cowl hit today yesterday. Because engines to install are different, naturally the part appearing than the cause hits it. The method that he does. It puts a marking gauge with a magic pen and cuts it in a hand grinder. As for the work, fiberglass is itchy.
He completed the installation of the headlight.
A good pace. He dotes on N5, but will be a reason?

Go hospital

Please input the sentence that I want to translate here. The input language is judged automatically. I took the paid vacation to go to the Nippon Steel Hirohata Hospital and did it yesterday.
When I made an accident, I hit the right foot in the ground. Even if there passes for half a year, I have a pain in it very. I had a hospital inspect it in detail.
I had a doctor take the slice of the foot by MRI. There is no abnormality except that "rear cross ligament" is damaged. My half moon board and other ligaments were saved.
There is stiffness there when I hang tension to my Inside Subligament because I have a pain in it and seems to hit a nerve. I had a doctor paralyze a nerve over there by a little anesthesia. Then a part was settled because a pain was gone.
A cause was not settled for these past two months, and it was a big crop that a cause was settled because there was the doubt of the half moon board injury not to heal.
Then, it went down, and I went for MFJ license and a monkey in Mechbox. When I made an accident, the motorcycle did a ride. Mechbox is a motorcycle shop. Because the uncle hurt ligament, you might stick to ligament and were able to talk.

I went home. Atsubon and Naochi came to the shed and played with one's motorcycle with a rustling sound.

I made a spare shift pedal and brake pedal of KSR.


I have leaked liquid-poo this Sunday.
It was angry at mother very much and washed underwear silently.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Naochi's N5's shift link rod

When I came home, there was Naochi. He made a shift link rod of N5.
He uses the NC lathe in his company. Therefore he processed it by a high turn without a hesitation.
The hand-operated lathe cannot raise a turn. Therefore, the slow away finish is bad.The point of a sword is tipped, and the throw away is the type that I can change. It is used by a mass production mainly.
Therefore you must use the byte (blade) of the hand grind to get the clean finish by a low turn.
Mostly I comply at this time using the throw away.
Because I had the left dice by chance, Naochi cut a screw using it.
I use normal of N5 other than a link rod.
When it was completed, Naochi operated a noisy cricket many times.
And he said. "This is 5 speed. It has decreased than an original engine. "

An identification of acceptance arrives

An identification of acceptance of  Minimax reached my house.
I attached a cowl for races to my KSR. It is after a long absence.
I will be absent from a company tomorrow to go for a medical examination of the right foot which I hit on the ground in a traffic accident. Then, I make the pedal of the spare after having come back to the house and want to do trivial routine duties.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

For last adjustment to a Capital Sports Land

Because spiral flannel was too big, it interfered a cowl. I changed it for a common thing.
We went to Capital Sports Land to coordinate it with the setting of the PE22 cab.

Because I changed a camshaft for a low profile cam, it turned around properly to the top. However, it is to 11000rpm whereas FCR turns around to 14000rpm. It will be so.
Because I ran a lot, as for me, a handle was worn-out.

We go until " Auto Police Ccircuit" of Oita late next week!
The update of "the MFJ license" of Shishido seems to be enough tightly, too. We wait for a race.

Naochi's N5 fairing fiting.

We came home from a capital. Naochi did work of N5. It considerably advanced.
He bought a new fairing and attached it. It is way of buying like adult.
A muffler seems to butt against a step. You must weld it to avoid a step.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

I was ready to participate in MINIMAX performed in Oita.

I assembled the knob of a shift pedal and the brake pedal. A screw depended on it and was accompanied. However, I welded it because I often fell off.

I made it from an aluminum hexagon stick this time. But my recommendation is pedal rubber of Honda. It is cheap for 100 yen. The appearance resembles stock, too.
I made the part which we such as step bars produced, and steps were completed.
It is clear to be handmade even if anyone watches it.

The fan flannel of the cab chose maid in Thailand as always. According to the thought of the maker, wave form seems to make a swirl.
I decided to bet it on the thought.
However, I bought that of normal form. It is a spare. When it arrived, I was surprised. It was the same maker.

I looked for it afterwards for around one hour because a catch tank of oil and the gasoline was missing. It was found. And I attached them.
I have already finished preparations. I do that I usually work strictly to the limit.
Such a thing is the first time. There is another one week until a race begins. What should I do until a race?

Naochi's N5

Naochi came weekdays. This is rare.
Naochi listed things to order with a part of N5 producing.
The front view of this motorcycle looks just like my KSR.

I like crabs of Brembo in brakes caliper. Therefore I suggested to Naochi to attach it. It is early that the caliper of the facing piston loses brakes power after separating a lever in comparison with a pin slide. I like it.
I feel in particular that the action becomes the car conspicuously. It is one of the reasons why I ride a VW Beetle.
However, I repair it all the time recently. Therefore I cannot but get into a light truck.
When brakes of the cars are facing pistons, and there is not a master background, it can get a reply at the same level as a motorcycle.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

KSR110 step bar completion.and Atsubon.

I made a cap made by plastic with a lathe. I hammered it in into a step bar. Then a step bar was completed. I made one spare.
When I make round form, I make a tool bit the same form.
The NC machine makes round form by biaxially moving it at the same time. However, a round tool bit is necessary for the hand-operated machine.
When I process plastic. It posts oil in what is soft and sharpens it by a high turn.

Because radio control of Atsubon broke down, he repaired it. Probably the volume of the controller is bad. Because there was the thing which I bought when I made an audio system, I gave him it.
Because he was bigger than a slightly genuine part, possessed it without a hesitation, and, as for it, he opened a hole with a drill. He is brave not to be able to put it back.
He was able to repair it properly.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I participate in a bug dash on Sunday

It was that there was the event of the drag race of the gene ooh that a bug dash said in Okayama farm road pad and performed it. The repair of the Oval wind reached by light truck after all because I was not in time!
I watched it relaxedly while eating a hot dock with the friend who lived in Hiroshima by the event that I did faintly.
There was it and looked and died out, and there was the fast car.
Then, I went to the motorcycle shop which was good at body work. The location is Okayama. I had the person of the shop show the photograph of the custom motorcycle.
Because I understood it by the repair of the Oval wind well, the hotness of the welding thought that I was great and was good.

Harley has parts almost as same as Honda monkey.
There is the crankcase of the billet.

Naochi came when I came back to the house. Naochi installed an engine of the Thai Honda sonic in the body in NSR50.
I said that a radiator hit a tire. I sent all the radiators in my house and chose you. I adopted the guy who did not know what you were assigned to after all.

I made a step with a knurl. A photograph is the knurl. I push a notched roller to the processing thing and copy it.

Precision of the lathe

My lathe which I was used and bought. Precision of the core push is not good enough.
I broken when I used the Tungsten alloy drill.
I measured quantity of abrasion of the slide part. It decreased by 0.02 millimeters.
I want to repair it.
Should I serve brass by brazing?
Or produce the next-generation hand-operated lathe that I always work out a design; or ...
I cannot process straight a thin hole.