Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Portable hydrogen engine, and remodeling success in self-priming

Previously, we were remodeling the gasoline engine generator with Iwai Shoji.
It's hydrogen fuel specification.
Since then, it had kept to the drawings, as at any time can make it.

It is this engine
http: //arakifmachine.co.jp./conpanyinfo/h2generator.html

Mr. Iwai say, often to be consulted wants to power generation using the hydrogen from the customer's.

This time we got the request from Hidaka industry.
It is intended that power generation by using the exhaust gas of carburizing quenching furnace.

The company is Japan of Detroit, located in Aichi Prefecture.

Carburizing I heat treatment to make soak the carbon on the surface of the steel.

However, I did not know that the exhaust gas comes out.

I went to Hidaka industrial factory.
I saw the furnace running in there. , The furnace is not a closed, knew that release.
It is one place is vented to atmosphere. H2 and CO have always out. Much during the carburizing process.
It is dangerous when the H2 and CO is filled in the factory. So it burned immediately.
During the process the flame is out from the carburizing furnace.

Lost gas must be supplied.
Furnace for the purpose to use the methanol. Whereby it is possible to maintain the oxygen-free.
Methanol and is a translation become by carbon monoxide and hydrogen decomposition in a furnace temperature.

With that said,
This fuel is that pressure-free, carbon monoxide mingled, that.
It is impossible in the specification to use the hydrogen from the gas cylinder.

The remodeling of the specifications of the "fuel gas pressure without" I was asked to Ishimoto president of MI production Institute.
He had been completed. He was a hard time for it.

To modify the electronic circuit, and add a motor.
I hear he was very.
Almost is a new creation.

Ishimoto president's elderly.
It was perfectly possible whether worry. While it's rude.
But he suggested the possibility of the elderly. It is a good result.

This engine is capable of self-priming operation. Fuel gas is also not have a pressure.

The operation of the video is here.

Hidaka industry won a subsidy of Aichi Prefecture in this project.
We are this summer do this.

(Araki F Machine) also participate.

For inquiries about hydrogen engine until here
Iwai Trading
Araki F Machine

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Engine of bandit 250. Valve assemble

Since I was able to insert the piston into the cylinder, the following is the assembly of the head.

I had kept the shim and valve lifter in a paper cup.Assemble it.
It is not returned to the same place and would change the valve clearance. Mistake so as not to.
I was writing a location in paper cup side.

By the way valve clearance was examined on the Web
IN ··· 0.17mm -0.27mm
EX ··· 0.20mm - 0.30mm
I quite broad. In addition, even wide acceptable range.

Honda Porter's about 0.05mm. 3-4 times about is there.
Bandit is standing port. It is long.
So valve also long. Since long linear expansion.

I have a valve grind the other day, the effect is not. That it is not only scraped at most 1 / 100mm in the work.

I was set by air blow all the pieces.
I was careful not to lose them.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Bandit 250 engine. Add a notch in the sleeve, and!

I was planning this strategy.
Strategy it is to put the piston in the cylinder, through the piston pin later.
Since the strategy has failed, I made the cut on the cylinder of the skirt.

It was machined using the Thunder. Feel is fragile..
Feel than, referred to crumble say that the cut softened.

This is the feeling that has iron castings?

This makes it possible to pass the piston pin.

However, it is difficult to align the holes in the piston and connecting rod. It is difficult to pass through the piston pin.
If always concentrated, the oil ring is thus out of the sleeve.

Difficult thing to put circlip of two cylinders of the center.
I've failed several times. At that time, out of the oil ring in this 8, bending the three.
I've re-use because there is no way.

Sealant was also heartless.
If has taken time to work, it must be wiped off it.
And it must be coated with a sealant again.

And ...

I did it!
I went into finally!

I am crying.
This song is flowing in my head.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Make a Bimota SB6 Replica from Suzuki GAG.top clamp making par4

I made the slot.

Along with the key cylinder. Like this.

I wanted the key cylinder set of genuine GAG parts. (Main key, tank cap, Met holder)
However, it was discontinued.
I was purchased for Yamaha TZR50 reluctantly.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Get the sound of a Ferrari

I bought a Sound Racer V12.
This is the sound of the engine becomes V12 engine.

Sound Racer V12 is sensitive to noise of the alternator. It know the rpm from the noise.
And to generate the engine sound, and sends it to the audio.
Method to send the sound is either FM transmitter or AUX terminal.
Powerful sound! But immediately tired likely!

By the way where it was gonna to light trucks of our family, problems occur.

Audio attached to this car,
AM radio only
It comes out sound from itself

Sound generating disabled.
It abandoned because it is difficult to install audio and speakers to this car.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bandit250's engine.Piston ring can not be inserted, Seriously

I had to complete the cylinder.

I incorporate a piston ring to the piston.
I incorporate the piston to the connecting rod.
However, I can not insert the piston into the cylinder.

The piston ring, because the very strong tension, it's out of the ring groove. This is the default.
 Cuts the empty cans.

 I try to make it to the piston ring compressor.
Can and the ring would go into together. Failure.
I used aluminum cans, but is thin.
If I doing in a thick cans, I might have been successful. Such as cans of parts cleaner.

Piston ring compressor I have can not be used dimensionally.
I tried to polish smooth the chamfer of the sleeve of the skirt. However, there was no effect.

I decided to put the piston first.
 What! ?
The piston pin
not passed!
Also had dry liquid gasket!
 I ended up wasting time of about a whole day just put the piston.
I want to return the time.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Bandit250's engine.Valve recess on the cylinder

Genuine cylinders are carved the intake valve recesses on top.
I was carved using a rotary tool it.

Left is genuine cylinder
Right is the cylinder that made. (
The middle of the engraving process.)

 I put the piston, was collated.

 Pill tons side clearance at this time also it was confirmed. No rattling feeling.
Cylinder that comes originally was rattling.
Feel is good.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bandit250's engine.Valve grinding.

Boring has been completed. Ready to head it's about time necessary.
I was grinding the valve.

I remove the valve. And I tried to observe the valve face and the valve seat.
It was rough.

Valve seat photos of this.

Valve face photos of this.

And with a compound to the valve, and then grind.
Sucker is called Valve-taco.
16 also. Too much ...

Work completed in a few hours.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Bandit250's engine.boring.

The top of the sleeve is higher than the cylinder block top. Such design. Not wrong.

The top of the sleeve is higher than the cylinder block top. (This is such a design.)

First of all with the cylinder top, shaved one.

Turn the pick test, pick up the coordinates of the center point.

As a result, the pitch of the bore was a 61mm-90mm-61mm.

I will prepare the boring head.
Chip sets the for cast iron.

The boring head allows you to adjust the protruding amount of the blade in this dial. It is a very small value of 1 / 1000mm.

At the same I've also available cylinder bore gauge for the measurement.

And it will be boring. Aim φ49.00mm.
Φ48.995mm in boring. Φ49.000mm in honing.

Video is here.

Bandit250's engine. Press-fit of the cylinder sleeve.

This is the sleeve that I made earlier.

Today, I will work to put this to the cylinder block.
All genuine of the sleeve by hydraulic press and disconnect from the block.

One of four,I have broken it.

But, it was removed.
This photo is sleeveless block.

 The second cylinder from the left of this photo was scratched when I pull out.
I scraped off the part that raised scar in the rotary tool.
Cylinder that had divided the sleeve is intact.
 And I've skimmed the sleeve and the block. I have spread the sealant to the sleeve, it was pressed.
  Also use a hydraulic press when I put.


Sleeve top is higher than the block top.
It is such design.

By cutting this to the same surface.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bandit250. Publish a drawing of the sleeve.

As a result of measuring the cylinder inner diameter of the bandit 250, it was 0.02mm ~ 0.03mm wear. Bowling is required.
However, oversize piston was discontinued. One over and two in over both.
With oversize piston it can increase a little Displacement. It is a small happiness, but the dream was also collapsed ephemeral.

I examined the diversion from other bikes of the same size, but it was impossible. Bandit bore largest.
The road that was left to me to make a sleeve.
I decided to remove the sleeve reluctantly.
Hmmmm. Even though labor just boring.

It I remove manually hydraulic press.
I've made a scratch on the block side when removing it. This may be shaved in the rotary tool.

This is a removed sleeve.

The top side of this there is a recess of the intake valve.

First, we measured the dimensions Remove the only one cylinder of this. And I drew a drawing. In this way ↓.

f you are riding in bandit 250, moreover, allowing you to use this drawing if the engine had a malfunction.
Fitting tolerance of outer diameter has become a m7 but will that's m7 φ55.011 ~ φ55.041.
This dimension, measured was φ55.100. This is too tight. So we have changed without permission.

Other notes,
There is no valve recesses -
- An inner diameter of 1mm small (after press-fitted into the cylinder block, to finish in φ49.00 by bowling.)
Top surface is higher than the block. Milling required.

(Even if there is a problem I do not take the responsibility.)

As usual, the material arrange DENSE BAR. I bought a 60φ. So near the top will remain casting surface.

It was lying on the edge of the factory, and I can use this residual material.

The next is the penance. I must billet by hand four sleeve.