Sunday, September 30, 2012

Inverter malfunction of lathe

Our lathe have been custom that an inverter installed.
As a result, we are supposed to be able to change the revolutions in the volume steplessly.

Inverter is slump .
I bought in an online auction.Cause it?

Sometimes works normally, sometimes I get an error. I do not really understand.
So replacing the inverter.
This motor is 5 hp. 3.7kw.
I've searched it to  an internet auction again.
3.7kw is not a little popular. Many have not been exhibited.

Moreover it is a little expensive.
The inverter is the price seems to have come going down.

The new one is black. The old one is gray.

Difficult work we've done recently with the lathe are these.
Atsubomb and Tattsuan made these bytes sharpening by hand.

We shaped a ball.

Atsubomb made ​​a collet. We have a lot of quantity do the job.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

TZM250F electlical work ,cooling work

We are making the cooling system and electrical equipment.
Atsubomb is in charge.

Battery Box

Wire harness

 This bike has many features than its default. So it also increases wiring.
 He finished the radiator pipe. He has a lot of handmade fittings.
This system is equipped with a small waterproof fan and thermo switch. Fan switch automatically enters the cooling water becomes hot.
I ran in the circuit. It was a hot summer day. However, the temperature did not rise
 . It was very good.

 The next is the muffler.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Next TZM is 2-stroke

Engine swap for TZM , we got order.

Next engine is 2-stroke 250cc with dry clutch.

This donor Suzuki Gamma 250SP.
I'd like to ride this without modification.....

Engine will fit into the frame.
It is unknown that fitting of the chamber and the auxiliary equipment .
I think I would like to be run by hook or crook.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

We have received a new order of TZM250F

We Sell the Yahoo auction.It is TZM250F that we made​​.
It is OK even if we buy this vehicle as it is.

Electric start  system, fuel gauge, muffler, coloring, etc.
We can provide the equipment best suited to the usage of our users.

It is that. Result of the meeting.
I received a new order in the making.

Engine uses for WR250F. With electric starter, new engine.
Also new carburetor.
Most arrived as well a lot of other parts.

While waiting for the arrival of parts, I proceed in parallel framework.
The main pipe using pipe chromoly luxury.

Mount the screws of the frame is a billet.

Good luck, "Atsubomb"

Frame around the engine, re-create the majority. It is a fairly major undertaking.