Sunday, September 2, 2012

We have received a new order of TZM250F

We Sell the Yahoo auction.It is TZM250F that we made​​.
It is OK even if we buy this vehicle as it is.

Electric start  system, fuel gauge, muffler, coloring, etc.
We can provide the equipment best suited to the usage of our users.

It is that. Result of the meeting.
I received a new order in the making.

Engine uses for WR250F. With electric starter, new engine.
Also new carburetor.
Most arrived as well a lot of other parts.

While waiting for the arrival of parts, I proceed in parallel framework.
The main pipe using pipe chromoly luxury.

Mount the screws of the frame is a billet.

Good luck, "Atsubomb"

Frame around the engine, re-create the majority. It is a fairly major undertaking.

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