Friday, October 5, 2012

Making of dry sump tank for TZM250F

Atsubomb skillfully made ​​of sheet metal bending.

WR250F engine is dry sump.
Does not contain oil in the engine.
I put the engine oil so here.

In WR250F bike frame is the oil tank.
Sucked by the pump of the sender from here, around the inside of the engine, the engine oil is drawn into the tank again in the return side of the pump. There is only a little oil in the engine so.
Oil pump is equipped with two.
Of course, larger capacity pump return side together so suck air.

Come to think of it is in my memory
Harley is a dry sump system, SR400, even Porsche.
I feel like it was dry sump "Fujiwara tofu shop 86" in "Initial D" manga is ...

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