Friday, October 3, 2014

Piece of junk.Front brake overhaul. Suzuki bandit 250

I was overhaul the rear brake about this motorcycle some week ago.It was quite damaged.I wanted to do also the front early.
We started working in the middle of the night.

I was fitted with a mesh hose to the front brake. In the same way as the rear.

Caliper inside had become dirty .  Powder had come out , it seems like vibhuti.

Cleans them up, I was assembling.
I polished the piston , used sandpaper No. 2000.

One side of the seal ring using a second-hand.I had forgotten the order of one.

 Master cylinder cup exchange.
Squeaky brake lever grease up .

We got a brake with excellent controllability.

Mesh hose is Great.

Genuine caliper of this bike is a one-sided 2 podCompared to the 4-pod opposing it, I feel like too soft.
Bandit is sufficient in this brake.

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