Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Make a Bimota SB6 Replica from Suzuki GAG. Top clamp making part1

I received a request of the custom.

Make mini SB6 in SUZUKI GAG.

SB6 is a Bimota's bike. This ↓


There is a lot of work for this.
Assembling of the engine
Completion of the front suspension
Welding of the frame..............

At first I make a top clamp.
I begin to sharpen a top clamp for GAG.
Because I attach a fork for Kawasaki KSR to the GAG, though,
I begin to sharpen a top clamp for KSR.
This is the image which I picked up from a net. The top bridge of genuine SB6 is such a feeling.

With the hole where a key cylinder is in therefore there are the dimensions of the key cylinder.
I intended to obtain the set of the key.
I ordered a key set (tank cap, helmet holder, all sets) for the GAG, but was a missing part.

Though I ordered other SUZUKI bike, it was a missing part too.

Though I ordered Yamaha TZM key set, this is out of stock, too.

It was available when I ordered Yamaha TZR key set. There was a little stock remainder.
That means, necessary to use the tank of Yamaha when I make a tank.

I measure the dimensions of this and design it.
When I sharpen this, it does not cost the jig charges if I use jig of the KSR top clamp.

I checked bimota at this opportunity.
The history of this company is interesting.
Our company wants to follow such a career, too.

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