Monday, April 6, 2015

Sakura fright 2015 Balloon Glow in Tamaoka Historic Park

An event called the "Sakura fright 2015 Balloon Glow" was a Kasai-city Tamaoka Historic Park. I went for it.


The situation when I arrived.

I can go to the place where I want to go. 
There are not the entrance restrictions there. It is the event that is not formal.

The meaning of the Balloon Glow?
It is like appreciating it without letting a balloon have takeoff in night.
The flame of the burner looks good at night. It glows.

The photograph which wants to make the desktop of my PC!

Powerd paraglider flies, too.

He photographs these balloons from the sky.
Seeing from the sky, what kind of picture will it become?

Probably this paraglider is Mr.Sadayuki.
He is a teacher of "paraglider school BUZZ".

The picture which he took was uploaded in youtube. I place it here.

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