Friday, May 15, 2015

The ammonia is fuel of the reciprocating engine.

Araki F Machine study it for several years. It is to operate an engine with hydrogen as fuel in substitution for gasoline.
I do it with Iwai Corporation, laboratory of MI product, fisheries college, Hiroshima University.

However, a volume is big when hydrogen does not liquefy. High pressure is necessary to liquefy. When I am going to load it onto a car, a fuel tank gets heavy.

Therefore we paid attention to ammonia.

The ammonia is a compound of hydrogen and nitrogen. The ammonia can do liquefaction (propane gas regular) by low pressure. It is convenient to store it.
The ammonia has been already used for manure and a basic medicine. There are many them. A technique has already matured about production, a storage, transportation.

We can make the ammonia without limit if I use the Haber-Bosch process. It is electricity at all, and the oil and the gas and the coal are enough for the energy.

We generate power by wind in an area having very low population density. We make ammonia with the electricity. We do not need to install an expensive solar battery if we transport it by a tanker.

By the way, production of food was finished drastically by a Haber-Bosch process having been invented, and population increased very much.

Does it accomplish nobody to start the engine with ammonia?
The answer is "NO".
Many people have already succeeded if they only start the engine.

Mix it with gasoline.
Intake after warming the ammonia by installing a heater before an engine.
There is the person who was able to drive using such a method.

But nobody succeeds in cold start, stable driving.

The ammonia engine is a frontier.
If anyone succeeds, it is a bonanza.

An experiment is conducted today in Iwai Corporation. I went for it.

We succeed.
It is to change it to ammonia after we make a warm-up with hydrogen. In this case I can drive only with ammonia.
Cold start with the ammonia single fuel will still take time.

I have an epoch-making idea about the ammonia engine. I intend to produce it experimentally.
I intend to use even the cloud funding.

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