Tuesday, October 6, 2015

20150920 I went to Lake Biwa Sportsland All Japan Supermoto Championship.

I went to help the Shishido's.
In Lake Biwa Sportsland All Japan Supermoto Championship.

Confluence with Sugimoto big brother.
Race day there quite free time.
"I'm recently riding on SR500," I Tsu said. Then, he taught me a lot of genealogy from the XT500.

I did not know, such as the name of HL500 is.
He knows anything!
Why he can not use that memory to another? I am it is a question.

This huge tool box becomes cot. It is a load capacity 80kg. Convenient.
The day of most of the race is up early. So it will take a nap.

Why Motard are not wearing the tire of the on-road to off-road bike?
That is because there is a dirt section. Asphalt section called tarmac.

Shishido-san, had challenged the fight in motocross, in the city riding bikes.
It seems that he can run that satisfactory, is decent.

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