Monday, October 5, 2015

Chain caulking SR400

We were caulking the chain of Naoyan'sSR400.
This is what he was riding at the time of high school students.

Big bike is caulking chain.
(Small bike clip-on)

Caulking tool is required, to you caulked the chain.
However, it is not only occasionally used was the most people.
So, you'll borrow it.

And I'm side lend. . .

I went to see the progress of his work in Naoyan's home.
So, with a crimping tool.
Oh! The rear suspension has been fixed!

He assembled already around the rear wheel. With the exception of the chain.
Tire, wheel bearing, sprocket, all new.

When I was a while after arriving, I noticed. Dramatic photos that can be taken if you take in the backlight.

He just bought this building.It has not yet pulling electric power.
So there is no lighting in the room. It is good lighting.
No indoor lighting + backlight is very good. I use this method in the future.

Fix the chain

Caulking of the chain I've done. Therefore, no image.

Mileage is 47,000 km.
You should look for the things this is small when you buy a used motorcycle.
But, his bike mileage is equal to the number of memories.
Still extending from here.

The grip's for TZM of my favorite Yamaha genuine!
I was very sympathetic.
Incidentally, part number
47X-26241-00 Left
47X-26242-00 Light

Clutch lever is broken. From the root.

His bike is waiting for the time of resurrection. Be quiet.

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