Monday, October 26, 2015

I went to see the EV DeLorean in Hiroshima Marina hop.

Great scott!!!

October 21, 2015 it's the day that DeLorean went in the time slip, In the movie Back to the Future.
To celebrate it, the event was held.
Location Marina hop. It shopping mall in Hiroshima.
I went to see the EV DeLorean there.

The EV DeLorean is what was modified the DeLorean to the electric car.
Mr. Fujii becomes ringleader, DeLorean EV activation group has been produced.

Instead of the engine, battery and motor is equipped.
Incidentally DeLorean's rear engine. Front Luggage space.

They started the EV modify before the Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf will be released.
In cooperation with Hiroshima University and venture companies and comrades, and was completed in March 2009.
Their blog is here ↓(writen in japanese)

Since that time, they have to improve this many times.

In this improvement, we have to be able to charge in the hydrogen gas. By mounting the hydrogen engine generator.

The hydrogen engine generator, we have made. We are very happy!

They were modified to enter the generator in the luggage space.
Remove the cover, to make the stay in welding.
It could demo operation. That it was completed in a short period of time will be impres
We also had a hard time to make this generator. So, it is clear to see when the hard processability trace.

The next Toyota Mirai was also on display. I felt that was in the future.
In Japanese , Meaning of mirai is future.

Left, Hiroshima University, Ichikawa associate professor. Central, me (Araki). Right, EV Delorean producerMr Fujii.

And, ammonia fuel engine is what we are to try at the time of the now in October 2015.
The cylinder can make lighter than for hydrogen

Now, it has been found that can be run if you mixed hydrogen and gasoline. Research is doing as lacking in ammonia separately.

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