Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Engine of bandit 250. Valve assemble

Since I was able to insert the piston into the cylinder, the following is the assembly of the head.

I had kept the shim and valve lifter in a paper cup.Assemble it.
It is not returned to the same place and would change the valve clearance. Mistake so as not to.
I was writing a location in paper cup side.

By the way valve clearance was examined on the Web
IN ··· 0.17mm -0.27mm
EX ··· 0.20mm - 0.30mm
I quite broad. In addition, even wide acceptable range.

Honda Porter's about 0.05mm. 3-4 times about is there.
Bandit is standing port. It is long.
So valve also long. Since long linear expansion.

I have a valve grind the other day, the effect is not. That it is not only scraped at most 1 / 100mm in the work.

I was set by air blow all the pieces.
I was careful not to lose them.

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