Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Portable hydrogen engine, and remodeling success in self-priming

Previously, we were remodeling the gasoline engine generator with Iwai Shoji.
It's hydrogen fuel specification.
Since then, it had kept to the drawings, as at any time can make it.

It is this engine
http: //arakifmachine.co.jp./conpanyinfo/h2generator.html

Mr. Iwai say, often to be consulted wants to power generation using the hydrogen from the customer's.

This time we got the request from Hidaka industry.
It is intended that power generation by using the exhaust gas of carburizing quenching furnace.

The company is Japan of Detroit, located in Aichi Prefecture.

Carburizing I heat treatment to make soak the carbon on the surface of the steel.

However, I did not know that the exhaust gas comes out.

I went to Hidaka industrial factory.
I saw the furnace running in there. , The furnace is not a closed, knew that release.
It is one place is vented to atmosphere. H2 and CO have always out. Much during the carburizing process.
It is dangerous when the H2 and CO is filled in the factory. So it burned immediately.
During the process the flame is out from the carburizing furnace.

Lost gas must be supplied.
Furnace for the purpose to use the methanol. Whereby it is possible to maintain the oxygen-free.
Methanol and is a translation become by carbon monoxide and hydrogen decomposition in a furnace temperature.

With that said,
This fuel is that pressure-free, carbon monoxide mingled, that.
It is impossible in the specification to use the hydrogen from the gas cylinder.

The remodeling of the specifications of the "fuel gas pressure without" I was asked to Ishimoto president of MI production Institute.
He had been completed. He was a hard time for it.

To modify the electronic circuit, and add a motor.
I hear he was very.
Almost is a new creation.

Ishimoto president's elderly.
It was perfectly possible whether worry. While it's rude.
But he suggested the possibility of the elderly. It is a good result.

This engine is capable of self-priming operation. Fuel gas is also not have a pressure.

The operation of the video is here.

Hidaka industry won a subsidy of Aichi Prefecture in this project.
We are this summer do this.

(Araki F Machine) also participate.

For inquiries about hydrogen engine until here
Iwai Trading
Araki F Machine

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