Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Bandit250's engine.Piston ring can not be inserted, Seriously

I had to complete the cylinder.

I incorporate a piston ring to the piston.
I incorporate the piston to the connecting rod.
However, I can not insert the piston into the cylinder.

The piston ring, because the very strong tension, it's out of the ring groove. This is the default.
 Cuts the empty cans.

 I try to make it to the piston ring compressor.
Can and the ring would go into together. Failure.
I used aluminum cans, but is thin.
If I doing in a thick cans, I might have been successful. Such as cans of parts cleaner.

Piston ring compressor I have can not be used dimensionally.
I tried to polish smooth the chamfer of the sleeve of the skirt. However, there was no effect.

I decided to put the piston first.
 What! ?
The piston pin
not passed!
Also had dry liquid gasket!
 I ended up wasting time of about a whole day just put the piston.
I want to return the time.

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