Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bandit250. Publish a drawing of the sleeve.

As a result of measuring the cylinder inner diameter of the bandit 250, it was 0.02mm ~ 0.03mm wear. Bowling is required.
However, oversize piston was discontinued. One over and two in over both.
With oversize piston it can increase a little Displacement. It is a small happiness, but the dream was also collapsed ephemeral.

I examined the diversion from other bikes of the same size, but it was impossible. Bandit bore largest.
The road that was left to me to make a sleeve.
I decided to remove the sleeve reluctantly.
Hmmmm. Even though labor just boring.

It I remove manually hydraulic press.
I've made a scratch on the block side when removing it. This may be shaved in the rotary tool.

This is a removed sleeve.

The top side of this there is a recess of the intake valve.

First, we measured the dimensions Remove the only one cylinder of this. And I drew a drawing. In this way ↓.

f you are riding in bandit 250, moreover, allowing you to use this drawing if the engine had a malfunction.
Fitting tolerance of outer diameter has become a m7 but will that's m7 φ55.011 ~ φ55.041.
This dimension, measured was φ55.100. This is too tight. So we have changed without permission.

Other notes,
There is no valve recesses -
- An inner diameter of 1mm small (after press-fitted into the cylinder block, to finish in φ49.00 by bowling.)
Top surface is higher than the block. Milling required.

(Even if there is a problem I do not take the responsibility.)

As usual, the material arrange DENSE BAR. I bought a 60φ. So near the top will remain casting surface.

It was lying on the edge of the factory, and I can use this residual material.

The next is the penance. I must billet by hand four sleeve.

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