Monday, June 22, 2015

Bandit 250 engine. Add a notch in the sleeve, and!

I was planning this strategy.
Strategy it is to put the piston in the cylinder, through the piston pin later.
Since the strategy has failed, I made the cut on the cylinder of the skirt.

It was machined using the Thunder. Feel is fragile..
Feel than, referred to crumble say that the cut softened.

This is the feeling that has iron castings?

This makes it possible to pass the piston pin.

However, it is difficult to align the holes in the piston and connecting rod. It is difficult to pass through the piston pin.
If always concentrated, the oil ring is thus out of the sleeve.

Difficult thing to put circlip of two cylinders of the center.
I've failed several times. At that time, out of the oil ring in this 8, bending the three.
I've re-use because there is no way.

Sealant was also heartless.
If has taken time to work, it must be wiped off it.
And it must be coated with a sealant again.

And ...

I did it!
I went into finally!

I am crying.
This song is flowing in my head.

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