Friday, June 12, 2015

Bandit250's engine. Press-fit of the cylinder sleeve.

This is the sleeve that I made earlier.

Today, I will work to put this to the cylinder block.
All genuine of the sleeve by hydraulic press and disconnect from the block.

One of four,I have broken it.

But, it was removed.
This photo is sleeveless block.

 The second cylinder from the left of this photo was scratched when I pull out.
I scraped off the part that raised scar in the rotary tool.
Cylinder that had divided the sleeve is intact.
 And I've skimmed the sleeve and the block. I have spread the sealant to the sleeve, it was pressed.
  Also use a hydraulic press when I put.


Sleeve top is higher than the block top.
It is such design.

By cutting this to the same surface.

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