Friday, July 3, 2015

Make a Bimota SB6 Replica from Suzuki GAG.Remodeled to double disc brake, decomposition of the inner tube

The front fork is diverted for Kawasaki KSR.
And it, I will be remodeled to double disk.

How to make doing?
It is this.
Normal KSR the caliper is attached to the left. It should I use the left fork to both left and right.
And as a small part fit to think later.

The material is this to use.
This is who the right side of the fork, caliper is not attached.
Already inner tube have been gold-coated, yet has also been anodized in gold until the outer tube.
At the moment it is very expensive furniture.

Bottom bracket except I want to use this.
So it will replace the bottom bracket to that of the left.

I even before really Have you ever done this once.

KSR of the fork, is almost the same structure in four-stroke in two-stroke.
It is a non-degradable. Only in part it does not come out the bottom bracket.

First, remove the individual screws. It's easy.

Male screws are cut to the inner tube.
There is a need to clamp the inner tube to turn it.
Jig is required for it. So I make it with a milling machine.

If it is also possible to destroy the inner tube.It will not may also grab the inner tube with a pipe wrench.

Inner tube diameter 30φ

The finishing touch was, I wanted to cut with boring head,

There was end mill of 30Φ.

Jig is completed.

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