Monday, July 20, 2015

Make a Bimota SB6 Replica from Suzuki GAG.How to GAG engine to 50mm long stroke and self-starter.

Birdie genuine crank with a self-starter
(The name of the export specification FB)
GAG genuine crank with a kick-starter

And this is Takekawa stroke up crank

Bimota to SB6 replica GAG is scheduled to be equipped with a special engine.
Specification is this.
50mm long stroke
With self-starter
Takekawa 6-speed cross mission
Takekawa Super Head
Keihin FCR carburetor

First, I make a crank shaft. In order to achieve these, self-starter, long stroke,

---- Measurement result ----
Genuine stroke --- GAG, Birdie, 41.8mm
Piston pin diameter --- GAG, Birdie, φ12   Takekawa φ13
Crank pin diameter---GAG, Birdie φ22   Takekawa φ23.1
In that there is a self-starter (birdie) and embed (GAG), the flywheel side of the different dimensions.
In a centrifugal clutch (birdie) and the usual clutch (GAG) the dimensions of the clutch side is different.

I found them.

I Results of the study, the crankshaft is in such configuration.
Flywheel side, birdie
Clutch side, GAG
Crank pin connecting rod, Takekawa

I pack in welding the crank pin hole. And I will be boring it in a boring head.
Certainly I should have had the tip of the boring head for φ23.1.

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