Tuesday, July 14, 2015

At 2 Days TS Takata circuit of 11 to 12 July 2015

I was in Hiroshima Prefecture TS Takata circuit, this week end.

Whirlpools Racing Fukuyama organizers
July 11 SUPER MOTA-KART second leg
July 12 Super Moto area West Round 3
We came to participate for two days.

Day 1 was surprised at the speed of the first to see the mission cart.

Shishido-san, who participated in the race riding WR250X.

I was traveling the circuit for the first time in a long time. In experience traveling.

Also the second day Mr. Shishido ran the race.
His folding chair is broken.

 Fixed point takes leave videos
Around the home end of the straight.

The last corner before chicane

Shishido-san won.
It was in good to that participated in the race the day before.
Participating everyone, Thank you for the hot running!

Shishido-san was happy and got the prize.
It was sunglasses.

There was also a folding chair in the prize. It was lucky.
He was sitting in the trial while eating a watermelon. Delighted.

I borrowed the sunglasses.

Takata circuit was a little large compared to typical cart courses.
It has a high speed range. So interesting.

We wanted to come again.
I want to run riding to SR500. (It is I want to from finished my work that has accumulated.)

Two days, I had much to the shooting.
I video took a lot, Then it became more than 16GB.
I have found that editing is hard work. I do not have to think how to take.

Participation has been everybody, thank you!

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