Monday, July 6, 2015

Make a Bimota SB6 Replica from Suzuki GAG.Remodeled to double disc brake, decomposition of the inner tube part2

Jig for clamping the inner tube is already completed.
I will separate the bottom bracket and the inner tube with it.

Gold Remove the bottom bracket of the inner tube and the silver inner tube (genuine), Swaps each other.
Gold is right, silver is left.

Inner tube and bottom bracket has been assembled by a screw.
It is not possible decomposition at room temperature because the screws are painted the Loctite.

Let's warm it.

You put it in a little water, if you want to know that of the temperature.

Temperature that evaporates as dancing Water is about 140 ℃.
Also it evaporated to 140 ℃'s the oil.
It took a while to evaporation in this case. It is about 100 ℃.
I have not verified this determination method. It is a guide only.

It will squeeze the gold fork of oil in the meantime.

Bottom bracket becomes hot, lock agent is soft.
Remove the screws.

It was removed.

O-ring had been assembled there.

Outer diameter 35φ thickness 3.5φ.

This ring is unobtainable in the genuine parts.
ORCP29N of JIS standard is likely to fit.

The next gold fork

This is also I was removed.
It seems to have assembly painted black sealant when gold CVD coat.
Powder came out a little. I was cleaning.

I assembled painted Loctite medium strength at the end of the screw.

To return so as not to forget the set screw.
It is completed.

I was restored as same silver fork.

Gold fork has become to the left fork. Silver fork has become to the right fork.

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