Friday, July 10, 2015

Engine of bandit 250. Adjust the valve timing

After the assembly of the valve is complete, I will adjust the valve timing.
The timing of the crank side, you can see by removing the right side cover of the engine.

Align it to the place of the mark of the top dead center.

Camshaft side, align the head top surface and the cam shaft line.

And I bolted the cam holder.
When tightening the bolt while loosening the cam chain tensioner, cam chain deviates from the cam gear.
And put the cam chain tensioner where tightening a little.
Since I did not know it, also I spent wasting time here.
When I finished assembling the cam holder, but for some reason the timing is shifted!

I had a hard time about this, but I was completed.
Indeed straight four, it turns to well above. It's a good sound.

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