Monday, September 14, 2015

Bike he was riding at the time of high school students

Naoyan is revive the SR400.
It is a bike he was riding when a high school student.
It's 20 years ago ...

He had it until now. I'm surprised.

Leak fuel cock,
Clutch lever that his brother was folded to overturning
The cured tire cloth seemed to
Fuel hose, such as plastic
Cab main jet is non-removable by rust
Rust rod rear suspension
Rust front fork
Rusty chain
Apex sprocket
Rust throttle wire
Strengthening clutch wire (However, the grip strength)

All exchange.
He bought a several hundreds of thousand yen worth of parts. (Rates secret, to his wife)

Rear suspension --- made Daytona
Cab --- Keihin FCR35
Front fork --- for RH03 (type of injection)

Front fork gave for RH03 I have. It will use it with OH.
This time of SR is front drum brake. It me to update to the disk brake.

By the way, my RH03 front is gone. This I assemble them.
Y's Gear disk kit
17 inches wheels.

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