Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I was remodeling it to 17 inches, the SR400 of RH03J type.

I was such a thing to one months ago.
August 14 to 16 in Japan is the Obon holiday.

I single in the past, was remodeled SR500 to 17 inches.
It cornering is good. I can rub the step with confidence.
So I had to buy a rim and the hub.

Rim width of the front is 3.00.
Webike is good to order it. It's easy because there is an input form.

You can choose the color, the four colors of gold,silver, black and blue.

Now, I have a SR400 type of RH03J.
I decided to bestow the "Naoyan" to that of the front around. "Naoyan" is my friend.
Assuming there is no wheel.

So I decided to assemble the 17 inches wheels, during the Obon holiday.
RH03J is this type ↓ is the current fuel injection.

This wheel hub's rusty second-hand goods. I bought at the auction site. Sandblast it, and paint.
RH01J later hub's common. So it has in abundance.

SR's originally 18 inches.Spoke are too long, for 17 inches wheels.
So I will use Nexxs made of spokes, the part number SPF-Y02.

The spokes set of Nexxs contains two types of spokes.
They are entered in each bag that says outer and inner. Length is different.

However, they are not separated on the inside of the hole and outside the hole.
In fact it is the lights and left.
Short spoke to the disk side
Long spokes on the opposite side
I wrote a line with magic pen, in order to not confuse. I think you are faintly visible.

The front wheel is temporarily fixed all spoke by twist tie, before fitting to the rim.
In this way it will be temporarily fixed all of the spokes. However, this image is not knitted by mistake.

Knitting is this.
Four beyond the spoke and cross.
At that time, it is above the outside of the hole.

And I make the centering.

Runout is OK when I become a 1mm or less.
Since the rim and spokes new, it's easy. Deviation is less, from the beginning.

Until spoke is good tension, you will continue to tighten each a little while watching the deviation.

When the wheel is 18 inches to 17 inches, an outer diameter of the tire changes.
So it shifts the value of the speedometer.
This will be resolved by using the meter gear for XJR400.

This is a second-hand goods. I washed with brake cleaner, it was previously put plenty of grease then.
If you buy it with the new article.
Yamaha genuine parts of part number
Price 5389 yen
Next time I'll try to buy a new one. To ascertain to what can be fixed,

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