Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72_ Replace. Selenium rectifier to regulate rectifier.

In the 21 century,
Another thing to watch is gone, large selenium rectifier.
The charging system of vintage bikes have this is used. In modern times, you can have the same function, a small diode.

In most cases, there is no regulator function in vintage bike, it's only the rectifier function. So, when the battery dies, the voltage rises to excess. Light bulb will expire all.

Regulators less bike generating capacity is set to low.
Rotation of the engine ---
Low-rpm --- it is not little enough charge
High rpm --- Little overcharge, but, the degree to which the battery is not to die
It has become as described above.

If you overcharge, so would decrease immediately liquid, it will do as soon as the battery is dead If you do not look at the frequently liquid level.

Charging a lack of low-rotation blame of charging coil, this is not any way.
Overcharging of the high rotation it will prevent if there is a regulated function. Its function is to chop in about 14V charging voltage.

So, not only to update the selenium to the diode, I decided to use a regulated rectifier.

This is the ancient of selenium rectifiers. CL72 is a single-phase full-wave rectification.

I bought a single-phase full-wave regulator made Hcraft.

Wired as shown in the image.
ステーター = Stator
赤 = red
ブラウン = brown
黄 = yellow

CL72 is not provided the wiring of ground.
You should be connected directly to the frame of the ground wire.

I've fixed this regulate rectifier in the same space as the selenium.
By making the color with lathe.

The color of the wiring has become a gray all, by dirt. Wipe and confirmation.

The wiring to and insulation.

A few days later, I made sure the voltage over the engine, it was controlled properly to about 14V.

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