Monday, September 7, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72_ Side stand fulcrum ordinary screw

This photo is camera shake.
I remove the fulcrum screws of the side stand, in order to greasing. Ordinary screws had been used there.

It's a part of stepped screws are used, usually.

Seal of insurance that are affixed to the license plate of the bike "in September 1984".
At the time, it was cumbersome to order genuine parts.

You must go to the dealer. You must be ordered to look at the parts list.It does not reach immediately.

Used parts of the magazine want to sell, want to buy, column or parts exchange meeting.

However, modern if those are simple. There is a mail order and auction site.

Perhaps the owner was replaced by usual screws reluctantly, in those circumstances.

It becomes like this when you use an ordinary screw. ↑
Hole will be worse because it loose easy to rub the threads.

I have produced a color with a lathe.
I fixed it with grease up.

I have replaced the O-ring of the tappet cover.
It was bought at the same time, when I ordered the packing of the carb.

Part number

This is the O-ring was removed, has become square.
But I would like this.
This is the power of Years.

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