Thursday, September 3, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72_ Rust removal of fuel tank pet cock OH

I when I'm doing other various maintenance, I was a rust removal of the parallel to tank.
I looked into the tank from the filler neck. It was not bad. So it is not necessary incision.
I decided to remove the rust in the rust-removing solution of the chemical.

First, upon put the rust removing solution, it's necessary that the pet cock stop the rust removal solution. So, first I OHed the pet cock. The packing has been deformed by curing. Hard!

Hardened alteration gasoline is there. So the situation is not bad.

Individual components are all genuine parts were available. Strainer nor packing. I wash it with kerosene and carb cleaner solution. After that, I was assembled applied thinly grease.

Parts No. 
gasket cock valve 16955-268-020
cock O-ring 16958-268-010
cock strainer 6957-268-010
cock O-ring 16997-273-000

It was a total of about 2500 yen. 

I've noticed, in the middle of work. Edge of the tank is an ordinary welding.
It seems handmade tank.

By the way we have the current tank is welded by seam welding. This welding fast. Though not leak.
It is a video that has been picked up on YOUTUBE ↓

It puts a rust removing solution. The 2nd left.

Rust removing solution seems to have these. "phosphoric acid based," "otherwise".
Phosphoric acid based "strong rustremoving performance", "phosphate coating after rustremoval" are the advantage. However, it will hurt the paint slightly.

This time, I used the type of phosphorus-free. Components do not know because the title is not.
Is this a "weak chemicals title of obligation is not"?
However, this also it is written, just as the film can be a phosphoric acid type.

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