Friday, September 4, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72_ I tried Shaktipat to turn signal relay

Fuel tank, fuel cock OH has been completed.
I put a little brake cleaner from the plug hole, kicked the kick pedal. ...

Banzai,  run the engine!

I was surprised. This engine is the throttle response is sharp. To refer to have been manufactured in more than 50 years ago.

I tried riding on this. It is very fun.
Because there is a valley of torque in the medium speed range a little.
It is fun to run to avoid the there.
Suddenly riding will be fun, in the only valley of torque a little.
I detect a whiff of Soichiro Honda, from this seasoning.

Electrical system was alive all, the lucky thing.
However, only, turn signal relay does not blink.
This bike is it more than 50 years of age, so I have no choice.

I tried the treatment by Shaktipat. Of course, failure.

This is old large turn signal relay.It is likely to be overhauled, because large.

However, I was treated by replacing the modern turn signal relay.

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