Friday, September 18, 2015

Tubeless reduction with OUTEX kit, The 17-inch RH03J type SR400

I prior to the centering of the wheel, was the replacement of the bearings.
The bearing was not bad even without replacement. But, it is incidentally that was disassembled.

I After removing the oil seal, was welded steel bars. This clamp for temporary fixing.

I have to fix the grounding of welding at the brake bolt hole.

The rod of steel is stuck with welding, you can remove it and hit it from the opposite.

You had better remove the rubber seal of the bearing.You can well welding.

You remove the one side, the opposite can be hammering.It easily removed.
Once you get in both sides of the bearing to push hit the new bearings.
If once you hit just the inner race, ball spoil.
Outer race or the whole, it hits.

State of press-fitting the bearing.
Bearing of part number
6303LLU C3 Quantity 2
Bearing is not a genuine parts. Made NTN.
Oil seal
93106-28023 Quantity 1
93105-45017 Quantity 1

I did a centering after this.

It will tubeless reduction with OUTEX tubeless kit.

Completion Once fit the tire.

Front tires
110 / 70R Dunlop α-13 SPORTMAX
Part number 304 541

Incidentally rim width 3.00
I did a rotor bolt with a new one. Part number 90111-08003 six
Front tire does not particularly interfere with the body.

I was able to sell to Naoyan it between Bon vacation, front tire that was removed from this RH03J.
I was exchanged also the wheel in the new bearings.

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