Thursday, April 24, 2008

Demand of Atsubomb's mother

Atsubomb changed a mobile phone at last today. It is SOFTBANK from MOVA. As for three years, he spent it.

I am using my telephone for a long time. When Atsubomb changed it, I thought it to be "me too". I intend to change it if SUZUKA MINIMOTO is over. I think that this was so to choose it without thinking quickly and too much.
Atsubomb did processing asked for if I did not put it with carburetor setting of favorite bike Benly of Atsubomb equipped with a Chinese engine.

Atsubomb did carburetor setting, that of of him equipped with a Chinese engine favorite bike Benly and processing asked his mother for.
His mother said. "I want  a stand for vase and doll . you will have to cut this tree flat"
We do not so have that we processed a tree in a milling machine.
We milled by fullbacks (point of a sword exchange-type knife in the photograph). The surface was coarse, but was able to process it. Will the demand of Atsubomb's mother be satisfied?

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