Monday, April 28, 2008

Absorption in trouble


A tappet sound of the engine grew big during an exercise run. There is not an adjustment bolt when I open a cover of the tappet of the intake side!I might not be going to agree before in Cub. I fell in the exhaust side then. I thought. "Probably here is it"; when could open the exhaust side, ... was.
However, a nut transformed it and went to a booth of "Kitaco" in a hurry because I became unusable again. This is because it buys the part. I bought titanium nut and ajust screw of the "Ape" business and attached it. Revival. It was lightweighted a little.
Because I can turn it by a slotted driver, in ajust screw of Kitaco, adjustment is easy.
Because short stroke crank for KSR was released recently from Kitaco, I want to try it by all means. I did not slightly from XR like that it was a long stroke
It is determined.

Because we revived from engine trouble, we participated in the preliminary.
The next trouble waited there. My younger brother fell down twice at 1 corner and 2 corners and it was and came back to the both left right side rag rag.
To fall with one lap twice!
The cause is a new tire. It seemed to be slippy. We should use the new tire after doing changing screens properly.
The injury points are as follows.
1. Brakes master damage
2. Cowl stay damage
3. Handlebar curve
4. Cowl screen damage
5. Left step bar damage
6. Right and left step bar fixed bolt curve
7. Muffler silencer dent
8. The end of the left handlebar is bare
9. Shift pedal damage
10. Thing curve to include running out of spline of the engine side of the shift pedal
Because I restored it with all of four us hastily, I was in time for the finals!
It is the moment when "Atsubomb power" was shown. It approximately all used up a spare part.
A device without air of the brakes which I made before was useful. It draws out fluid by "the principle such as the squirt gun of the lower cup".
I was only anxious whether I held till the last because a crack entered the part that there was running out of spline of the engine side of No. 10 shift pedal.

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