Thursday, April 17, 2008

Naochi's N5

Naochi came weekdays. This is rare.
Naochi listed things to order with a part of N5 producing.
The front view of this motorcycle looks just like my KSR.

I like crabs of Brembo in brakes caliper. Therefore I suggested to Naochi to attach it. It is early that the caliper of the facing piston loses brakes power after separating a lever in comparison with a pin slide. I like it.
I feel in particular that the action becomes the car conspicuously. It is one of the reasons why I ride a VW Beetle.
However, I repair it all the time recently. Therefore I cannot but get into a light truck.
When brakes of the cars are facing pistons, and there is not a master background, it can get a reply at the same level as a motorcycle.

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