Monday, April 28, 2008

Finals race of the Minimax

We have taken only a trifling photograph. ... which does not photograph an important running figure
Because we fell down in a preliminary, we were starts from the tail. Nevertheless a machine did not have the trouble and repeated surroundings smoothly and received a checker with the 23rd place.
The rider is me, Tetsuya, Shishido. Three people.
A lap time. Me 2'58, Shishido 2'50, Tetsuya 2'45.
I am slow, and let's try shin ... hard soon.

 "unco=poo AHO=jackass"
A miracle established it at the time of victory lap after the race end.
A thing of the engine side of the shift that a crack began at a fall was broken at the time of victory lap just after the race end. We were very lucky to hold until the race last.

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