Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Naochi's N5's shift link rod

When I came home, there was Naochi. He made a shift link rod of N5.
He uses the NC lathe in his company. Therefore he processed it by a high turn without a hesitation.
The hand-operated lathe cannot raise a turn. Therefore, the slow away finish is bad.The point of a sword is tipped, and the throw away is the type that I can change. It is used by a mass production mainly.
Therefore you must use the byte (blade) of the hand grind to get the clean finish by a low turn.
Mostly I comply at this time using the throw away.
Because I had the left dice by chance, Naochi cut a screw using it.
I use normal of N5 other than a link rod.
When it was completed, Naochi operated a noisy cricket many times.
And he said. "This is 5 speed. It has decreased than an original engine. "

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