Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Go hospital

Please input the sentence that I want to translate here. The input language is judged automatically. I took the paid vacation to go to the Nippon Steel Hirohata Hospital and did it yesterday.
When I made an accident, I hit the right foot in the ground. Even if there passes for half a year, I have a pain in it very. I had a hospital inspect it in detail.
I had a doctor take the slice of the foot by MRI. There is no abnormality except that "rear cross ligament" is damaged. My half moon board and other ligaments were saved.
There is stiffness there when I hang tension to my Inside Subligament because I have a pain in it and seems to hit a nerve. I had a doctor paralyze a nerve over there by a little anesthesia. Then a part was settled because a pain was gone.
A cause was not settled for these past two months, and it was a big crop that a cause was settled because there was the doubt of the half moon board injury not to heal.
Then, it went down, and I went for MFJ license and a monkey in Mechbox. When I made an accident, the motorcycle did a ride. Mechbox is a motorcycle shop. Because the uncle hurt ligament, you might stick to ligament and were able to talk.

I went home. Atsubon and Naochi came to the shed and played with one's motorcycle with a rustling sound.

I made a spare shift pedal and brake pedal of KSR.

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