Wednesday, April 16, 2008

KSR110 step bar completion.and Atsubon.

I made a cap made by plastic with a lathe. I hammered it in into a step bar. Then a step bar was completed. I made one spare.
When I make round form, I make a tool bit the same form.
The NC machine makes round form by biaxially moving it at the same time. However, a round tool bit is necessary for the hand-operated machine.
When I process plastic. It posts oil in what is soft and sharpens it by a high turn.

Because radio control of Atsubon broke down, he repaired it. Probably the volume of the controller is bad. Because there was the thing which I bought when I made an audio system, I gave him it.
Because he was bigger than a slightly genuine part, possessed it without a hesitation, and, as for it, he opened a hole with a drill. He is brave not to be able to put it back.
He was able to repair it properly.

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