Thursday, April 17, 2008

I was ready to participate in MINIMAX performed in Oita.

I assembled the knob of a shift pedal and the brake pedal. A screw depended on it and was accompanied. However, I welded it because I often fell off.

I made it from an aluminum hexagon stick this time. But my recommendation is pedal rubber of Honda. It is cheap for 100 yen. The appearance resembles stock, too.
I made the part which we such as step bars produced, and steps were completed.
It is clear to be handmade even if anyone watches it.

The fan flannel of the cab chose maid in Thailand as always. According to the thought of the maker, wave form seems to make a swirl.
I decided to bet it on the thought.
However, I bought that of normal form. It is a spare. When it arrived, I was surprised. It was the same maker.

I looked for it afterwards for around one hour because a catch tank of oil and the gasoline was missing. It was found. And I attached them.
I have already finished preparations. I do that I usually work strictly to the limit.
Such a thing is the first time. There is another one week until a race begins. What should I do until a race?

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