Monday, April 28, 2008



The input language is judged automatically. We packed a car with baggage tightly and left. And we stepped on "Sanyo Expressway".
The blanket used on the motorcycle is very dirty with the thing which became the home of the mouse before. Therefore hand and it were careful when they had it so that a point came in contact.
We should have left in 4/25 on the night of Friday. However, in fact, I was in the house until the next day because annual tardy & having heard nothing from came approximately one (Shishido) since "see you" I wrote it and was crowded.
Because work seems to be very busy for these past around two years, as for him, there may be no help for it.
We left on the morning of 26th and ran in Sanyo Expressway earnestly. The odometer of the High Ace reached 170,000 kilos on the way. We arrive in - around nine hours for eight hours. The High Ace did his best.
It was fine and was a sightseeing feeling.
When the stock class was about to be over when we arrived, I worshiped the human being as it without most in a thing and was not the mood. However, overnight into the following day, it became the festival mood at the time of OPEN class. * Open class, remodeling are approximately unlimited. The class where we participated in
Because a race of the F3 was held at the same time; all the more.
* The F3 is a car such as the Indy car. An engine sound is scathing and is fast!
In AutoPolis, a site is very large. Space may be usable freely.

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