Friday, August 28, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72_Screw of 1964 previous M5 old JIS, different thing

There are no screws to this bike, it is the screws that fix the light switch and turn signal switch. It had lost three out of four.
I went to buy them with a single that, to Benizen
Size is M5.

When the show I screw the "same thing I want with this", that of the "Hmm? It's JIS screws.".
When JIS standard has been revised in 1964, it is so thread pitch has changed.
Benizen that it can be determined just by looking at it is amazing.

Of the old standard screw "JIS screw"
Screw the current standard "ISO screw"
They are so called so.
JIS is the sum of the standard to the ISO at that time, so it would became call them that.
In modern JIS and ISO are the same.

By the way old and new comparison of frequently used size below.
M5 old 0.9 current 0.8
M4 old 0.75 current 0.7
M3 old 0.6 current 0.5

Above the M6 is it's generally the same.

I did not know! ! really!!!

The length of just did not stock. Even expected of Benizen.
It was only a little long screws. That it should be cut.

I had bought the screw on the generator cover, in order to exchange. It is I have found that it can not.
It was good at did not have to crush the threads.

The owners have lost the key. I should make.

Remove the key cylinder and will have to the locksmith's.
I do not know what contacts are living in, however, it can do nothing but try anyway.

That you remove the key cylinder's easy. You can be decomposed up to this, only a Phillips screwdriver.
I wonder does not matter about crime prevention?

This is the back of the screw of the key. This is also JIS screw, yet minus head.
You can not such a thing.  "Let's exchange because dirty"
End of stuff Once lost.

I ask the locksmith's.
He came riding in the car of the tool packed.
When I pass the key cylinder, he made a key in a few tens of minutes, under the scorching sun.

Contact in this was alive. Electrical equipment, all it works.
That was alive electrical equipment.

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