Saturday, August 22, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72 _ Found a trace the chain off.

The rear sprocket is worn, like a ratchet gear. This needs to be replaced.

The important thread of the vehicle, has been applied is loosening measures.
The lock washer in the case of this.
Remove the lock and remove the nut.
Why this nut is so shaved?

Remove the nut. There is a hole for the wire lock.
Use this hole, if the wire lock, I do not need the lock washer.
It becomes lighter only a little. SR400 also a lock washer type.You opened this hole?
But it may be better of in consideration of the work time "thin U-nut of the type 3".

I nut I wanted to place a new one. However, it was impossible. The size is not a general-purpose size.
Perhaps. It's a larger nut size for drilling of wire lock.
SR nut also the same. It's M8 Yet diagonal 17mm.

There is no way. Fixed a hole in one by one tap. And scraping to the raised place is fixed in the file of the outline.
Very time-consuming.

The side of the stud bolt was fixed with dice.
I noticed during that. "There is a trace! Chain is out."
Did also made the chain is a wound of the nut is that? !
Oh, intense.
As it is often the case by bicycle. But, it is not that I've seen on a motorcycle.
It would have been a catastrophe.
This was running with very loose chain .

Many times than usual also took time.
Sprockets genuine new was available.
The chain size is 530. If the original part is no longer available, it can be manufactured if processing the general-purpose products of blank for industrial.

We use the blank of Tsubakimoto Chain Co.. Compared to that of the bike, clearance of "roller diameter" and "diameter of the sprocket of the valley" is small. But it has no problems using it for now.

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