Saturday, August 29, 2015

Technology that ammonia in the fuel to run the engine, I tried to international patent application.

I came up with a technique for operating the engine, use the ammonia as fuel. I tried it filed an international patent.
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pct patent site here

When you are enrolled in a company where there is intellectual property department, you only pass the documents to the intellectual property department.
However, it will be to ask the attorney office when it comes to do it yourself.

The need of such costs.
Japan and the PCT application --- about 1 million yen,
Request for examination, one country --- about ¥ 600,000 (about 5 million yen When do all the major countries)
(These costs may differ by Attorney Office)
I am in front of the current request for examination, it is the stage of application.


This my invention, in order to patent in many countries requires five million yen.
Severe in the financial power of my company's current situation.
But it is not profitable immediately with this technology.
Even after the patented, maintenance costs will be charged annually.

When I was a company employee that there is intellectual property department, there was such a tendency. "Please do anything applications are from does not matter in the pale in invention"

If you take a patent in the entrepreneurial company recently. It is a not afford to take patent except to become business of core technology.

So, patent operation of a small company, I think that may be this way.
Pale in invention ...
Japanese patent application on your own

Invention that becomes the business of the core
The request to Attorney office

Company business of the core is a new technology, the cost is lowered If you make the intellectual property department.
It is reasonably when the scale of the company is increased.

If there is no volume in the patent business, intellectual property department resulting in idle, trade-off there is that.

Kasai City, where I live we began to depopulation. I think, and me the intellectual property business city is assistance, venture companies gather in Kasai City. And, the city rejuvenated.

Currently, we only plant even if the company attract. Development centers of companies does not come together. So there is no employment destination of white-collar.

This patent that I filed, I can sell If someone is willing to purchase. But do hurry because the request for examination of the deadline is coming.

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The images are of when we made the hydrogen engine boat. We do not have much to do with the text.

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