Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Repair of agricultural machinery of the water pump Pt2

I did the repair of farm equipment of the water pump. Following the last time.
The other day, I was cracking the bearing. Then it was the water pump bearing of exclusive goods.

To be used to repair handmade billet shaft.
I was to contact customer at this point, because the cost increases.
He said ok.

I have designed it. I make this shaft. Use the manual lathe. (But there missing dimension.)

The material of the oil seal is selected nitrile rubber. It is water-resistant.

In order to assemble these I made a hole in the housing.

Make a pin hole

Enlarge oil seal hole.
Just the size of the end mill there was no. So I was boring in the boring head.
Whether to stop the leakage of cooling water it's up to the inner surface of the hole.

This pin hole is for fixing the stopper of the bearing.

Of course, this bearing stopper is what I made.

We'll do the rust removal of the impeller in the work and simultaneously.
Soak the impeller in the chemical.
Large rust of mass in advance it has removed with a wire brush.

I was very cleanly remove the rust of this. Protective coating is marked by rust removal liquid.
The soaked time 2 days.

Shaft carved on a lathe.
The material is SUS304, but I wanted really to hardening of SUS440C.

This image is all assembly completion.
Of the pulley and the impeller fixed press-fit only.
I'm a little worried. However, about against the water resistance, it will be the endured.

Impeller and housing clearance had slightly spread than normal.
It is necessary to rework if any butting during assembly.


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