Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72_The rustling of the intake system OH_ Pt 1

Air cleaner
Air cleaner side insulator
Replacement is required

Air cleaner and the air cleaner side insulator.
The two were obtained by searching Yahoo! Auctions.
It was expensive. really.

Original insulator is flexibility zero.

Carburetor has piston stick by gasoline altered material.

It is required OH.
This I will OH in fuel adjustment kit of Key Star.
Part number FH-0015N, you need to buy two because it is one cylinder's are in the set.

This kit includes the idling screw or a float valve. It has been enhanced.

When I opened the float chamber, Well decent extent of, mortal wound does not seem to bear.

This carburetor is overnight pickles to kerosene.

The kerosene surface have reflected a ghost. (Is me)
It is a full of very anguish look.

In addition one of the engine side of the insulator, has cracked.It is on the left.
This genuine part number 16211-268-000 course Discontinued.

This is not sold even looking for.

Here of the O-ring is genuine parts were obtained.
Part number 91302-PF0-003
O-ring would do such because are used in other models.

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