Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Easy maintenance CL72_Insulator, production of Part No.16211-268-000

This is the insulator that cracked.
Part number 16211-268-000
This is discontinued.

I will billet this.

Usually, through hole M6 screws's φ6.6 or φ6.5. However, I was in φ6.0 in this case.
Then it becomes positioned.
Not accurate enough to knock pin to this. However, it is a design technique that can be used when you want a decent positioning.
Most of the screw a little narrow. Threaded portion that it is M6 has become about φ5.9.
If when you order this to the Ironworks is better that had put the tolerance of about ± 0.03mm at the 48.
Because, this is positioning.
I don't write. I cut myself use the NC.

 O-ring groove ok.
Screw pitch ok.
Incidentally genuine part numbers of the individual O-ring 91302-PF0-003, it is possible to obtain this.

2 Step th machining is fixed on the jig.
But ... Bakelite cut powder is like a yellow cake.


I sent this to Yahoo! Auctions. In order to dilute the design costs and NC program costs.
Is this going to sell how much?
Maybe one in half a year? One in two years?

Ladies and gentlemen, please do not the request of one-off production to our company.
Maybe, it's the cause of our poverty.
It is more of the latest model parts is a long business. If we used the same effort.

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